I love economic games.

How's that for a mission statement?

I like other types of games as well, but I love economic games. And so I design economic games. Games which exploit market principles to create interesting decisions. Games where there is no right answer to the question "is this good?" Games where you are in control. Games where you are the visible hand of the market.

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Here are the games I've created so far.
City Hall

City Hall

Engage in the backroom politics of influence trading as you build the city up in the race for Mayor of New York.

In stores now

Captains of Industry

Captains of Industry

Build a conglomerate to dominate the market as you battle for supremacy in the industrial revolution.

In stores November 2014

Other Games

Works in Progress

Read my game design blog for information on several other games currently in development.


2014 Convention Schedule

Come demo our released games or help test new ones.

July 2-6

Morristown, NJ

Demos and scheduled events for City Hall and Captains of Industry will be run. See the event schedule for more information.

November 19-23

Dallas, TX

Demos for City Hall and Captains of Industry will be run. More information to come later.

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